The Work

Creating a unique brand identity for Otzi Ice has been an exciting project. We drew inspiration from an ancient Viking aesthetic, infusing it with modern elements to create a distinctive and memorable brand. Our aim was to capture the rugged, timeless feel of Viking heritage while giving it a contemporary twist that would appeal to today’s market.

From the logo to the colour palette, every design element was carefully chosen to reflect this fusion of old and new. We then extended this unique style to Otzi Ice’s website, ensuring a seamless and cohesive look across all their digital platforms. The result is a visually striking and engaging online presence that perfectly embodies the spirit of Otzi Ice – a blend of ancient tradition and modern innovation.

Product Shoots

Our goal with product shoots was to capture not only the crystal-clear purity of Otzi Ice but also its versatility in various contexts. From cocktails to culinary creations, each shot was meticulously crafted to highlight the unique qualities of Otzi Ice and demonstrate its ability to elevate any experience.

Through creative lighting techniques and innovative compositions, we brought out the natural beauty of the ice, showcasing its clarity and pristine appearance. The resulting images not only serve as visual delights but also effectively communicate the premium quality and versatility of Otzi Ice to potential customers.

Website Design