The Work

Embarking on a journey with Stonecivil, we recognised the need for a brand identity overhaul. The existing branding felt outdated, lacking the visual impact needed to resonate with today’s audience. To breathe new life into the brand, we took a bold and minimalist approach, focusing on clean lines, strong fonts, and a powerful symbol to represent Stonecivil’s core values.

Our team delved deep into Stonecivil’s ethos, extracting the essence of their identity to inform our design process. The result was a sleek and contemporary logo that speaks volumes about the brand. The use of strong, modern fonts conveys confidence and reliability, while the symbol embodies the strength and solidity that Stonecivil is known for.

By modernising their branding, we’ve not only given Stonecivil a fresh new look but also positioned them as a forward-thinking industry leader. This revitalised brand identity sets the stage for Stonecivil to make a bold statement in their market, attracting attention and

Website Redesign

In tandem with revamping Stonecivil’s brand identity, we undertook the task of redesigning their website to ensure a cohesive and compelling online presence. Building upon the minimalist aesthetic and strong visual elements established in the new brand identity, our goal was to create a website that not only showcased Stonecivil’s expertise but also provided an intuitive and engaging user experience.

Embracing the clean and modern design language, we crafted a website that is both visually stunning and highly functional. From the homepage to the navigation menus, every aspect was thoughtfully designed to reflect the strength and reliability synonymous with the Stonecivil brand.