Our Partner


DTG specialises in grading for government infrastructure projects such as roads and rail in Perth. Recently, the business has acquired several additional assets for hire on the current project and has plans to further expand as a larger plant hire company. The goal is to provide services for similar local projects and also regional projects in Western Australia.






Branding | Graphic Design

The Work

We have assisted DTG Equipment with creating their brand identity. DTG Equipment approached us with a specific goal in mind: they wanted a balance and sharpness intended to convey a sense of reliability, energy and excitement. 

Our team understood the importance of a strong visual identity and worked closely with DTG Equipment to achieve their desired outcome.

We incorporated a monochromatic colour palette with a pop of orange to convey professionalism. Orange is also typically used in the industry as it is easily visible in the dusty conditions of a mining site.

Capturing the brand

We’ve partnered with DTG Equipment to elevate their brand through strategic branding and graphic design efforts. Our collaborative approach has helped craft compelling visuals that communicate their brand values effectively.